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Our dogs are fully trained and work off leash taking us to the bed bug allowing for transparency. If a dog handler has to show his dog where to look then the dog and handler are untrained. We feel it would be comparable to the blind leading someone that can see.

Certified Handler and K-9's

Our dogs know bedbugs

We use only Labrador Retrievers because of their air scenting capabilities. All canine sent detection is the same, wether it is drugs, missing people, termites, or bed bugs. You'll never see a beagle or terrier used for drug detection or searching for missing people. A beagle is typically a tracking dog use to tracking rabbits. Their elevated air scenting capability is very limited.

Our bed bug detection canines are only females and not food rewarded. 


Serving all Northeast ohio; including:

 Akron, CAnton, Mansfield, youngstown and Toledo